Performance Chip CITROEN AX C2 C3 C4 SAXO XSARA 35+ HP , vendido en Marzo 2011, ¡Por 24.99 US$!

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Performance Chip CITROEN AX C2 C3 C4 SAXO XSARA  35+ HP

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Retail cost $179.99 !!!

PROMAX  PERFORMANCE  PRESENTS  X-Chip Will work with Diesel and Petrol Engines !!! *** With Fuel/Gas Saver Option Mode !!! ***



CITROEN : AX / BERLINGO / EVASION / JUMPER / XANTIA / XSARA / ZX / CX / XM / C2 / C3 / C4 / C5 / C6 / C8 / SAXO ... !!!


Performance Gains Averaging 12 - 35Hp !!!

C2              1.4L           +15Hp C2              1.6L           +18Hp             C3              1.4L           +15Hp C3              1.6L           +18Hp             C4              1.6L           +18Hp               C5              1.8L           +22Hp C5              2.0L           +25Hp             C6              3.0L           +35Hp               C8              2.0L           +25Hp C8              2.2L           +28Hp C8              3.0L           +35Hp C8              2.2L HDi   +30Hp         SAXO        1.0L           +12Hp SAXO        1.4L           +15Hp SAXO        1.6L           +18Hp           XANTIA    2.0L          +25Hp XANTIA    3.0L          +35Hp XANTIA    2.0L HDi  +26Hp           XSARA      1.4L          +15Hp XSARA      1.6L          +18Hp XSARA      1.8L          +22Hp XSARA      2.0L          +25Hp XSARA      2.0L HDi  +26Hp       XM             2.0L          +25Hp XM             3.0L          +35Hp             ZX             1.4L          +15Hp ZX             1.6L          +18Hp ZX             1.8L          +22Hp ZX             2.0L          +25Hp         AX             1.0L          +12Hp AX             1.1L          +13Hp             EVASION  2.0L          +25Hp EVASION  2.0L HDi  +26Hp             BERLINGO  1.4L          +15Hp BERLINGO  1.6L          +18Hp BERLINGO  1.8L          +22Hp BERLINGO  2.0L HDi  +26Hp                            

This is not full list of car engines models that supported by X-Chip so if your car not in this list then please email us with details, We should have necessary chip for you !!!

------- Newest version 3.1 of Professional PROMAX  X-Chip -------



This is Real Performance Chip version X-Chip just hitting the market!

It is a one easy step and ready to go kit.

In less than 15 minutes of quick and easy installation, and you are all set to have fun.

PROMAX version of X-Chip will give your car a higher performance by increasing both Horsepower and Torque.

X-Chip have 3 mode:




First one (PERFORMANCE) mode will add Max Power Performance about 10-40% of REAL increase Horsepower and Torque depends on your engine type and model, second one (FUEL ECONOMY) mode will actually reduce fuel charge on 20-30% of Fuel/Gas saved. And last one newest (CITY DRIVE) mode specially designed to rise overall performance of the engine with this mode you will still have better fuel economy and increased Nm, Torque, throttle response, acceleration and HP in the full RPM range. GUARANTEED !!!

PROMAX X-Chip will reprogram your car engine ECU and release full Potential Power of engine. X-Chip have only 5-7 wires that you need connect to ECU (Easy PLUG-IN Job), so very simple to install also step-by-step instructions included with the X-Chip !!!


So what are you waiting for?


***************************************Will not harm your vehicle !Will not void any warranty !Simple and quick to install, remove, and reinstall !No tools required !***********************************************

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does your X-Chip work on Turbo Engines?

A: Yes X-Chip works well on Turbo Petrol and Turbo Diesels (TDi HDi Di Ti FSI T...) engines.

Q: Does PROMAX X-Chip work on diesel cars?

A: Yes X-Chip works well on modern with an ECU Diesel engines.

Q: Are this PROMAX X-Chip easy to fit?

A: This item comes with full detailed fitting instructions so really easy to fit and we will help with installation process !

Q: Will this actually work?

A: Yes it will do exactly what is stated in the list.

Q: Hi I am interested how this chip works?

A: PROMAX X-CHIP connected directly to ECU sensors (MAF/MAP/IAT/O2) by playing with this sensors we can change ECU stock parameters.

Q: Will it harm my car in any way?

A: No it will not effect your car's health at all.

Q: How long does it take for dispatch?

A: It will take up to 3 working days for dispatch and about 5-10 working days for delivery.


2 Years Full Warranty !!!

We provide Full 2 years warranty on this product and will replace any defective item within 2 years absolutely for free, buyer pay only shipping price one side to us, We have replacement offices in Australia, UK, USA, France and Germany.

Shipping Policy !!!

We ship all items within 2-3 working days from date when we receive cleared payment. Usually shipping take about 5-10 working days but some time shipping can be delayed by post office and we can not do nothing with this we ship all orders in time and only by fast Air mail. Often shipping to UK take 3-7 working days, to USA 8-15 working days, to Europe 5-12 working days, to Australia 5-21 working days.

Feedback Policy !!!

Dear buyers we do our best to provide you good products, service, and support we always glad to help and resolve any problem friendly so please if you have any problems email us from eBay messages and we will respond with some resolution to you within few working days. Please don't leave negative feedback to us if you have some problems, please contact with us we will be happy resolve friendly any problems !!!



Payment Options:   Credit-Cards, Wire-Transfer, Personal Check, Paypal Shipping Options:   Fixed Shipping Charges.Registered Air mail Shipping Rate:   $15.90 International + $3.90 Insurance (Required)we fully responsible for any damages or loses during shipping ! We will ship to:   Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Worldwide shipping !!!




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