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Custom Knife Making Blade

Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.Item specificsCondition: NewBrand: "S" SeriesComponets: USA and/or offshoreHardness: RC 57 - 58PremiumKnifeSupplyVisit my eBay storeAdd this store to favorites|Sign up for newsletter" BUY NOW " knife blanks"BUY NOW" Knife Handle ScalesAdhesive/ Knife Making Formulaknife bladeBuffalo Horn HandleStore CategoriesStore home" BUY NOW " knife blanks"BUY NOW" Knife Handle Scales1911 gripsAdhesive/ Knife Making FormulaAlligator & Snake Exotic ScaleBone Handle BowiesBRASS or Steel ROD Buffalo Horn HandleBuffing CompoundBuffing Compound / PolishingCamp and Kicthen BladesCamping Knife / Fork BlankComposite Handle MaterialCustom Engraved KnivesCustomer *PERKS*DamascusDamascus BladesDRILL BITFolder ClipsFoldersGUARDSHandle SpacersHayesville Knife Guild Head Wrap / Shop Dew RagHELLE blades of NorwayIndian Damascusknife bladeKnife HandlesKNIFE KITSSee all categories...

"Mark Twain" Drop Point Blade

Etched Bolsters

In honor of a great American hero, author and master of irony we have created a blade that captures the image of the old river boats and paddle ships of the Mississippi.  Tom Sawyer would be envious. This drop point sports German Silver etched bolsters.  Over all length is 6 1/4" with a 2 1/2" blade. 1/8" thick. Takes a 2 3/4" x 1" handle material and built of  REAL 440c stainless steel blade.  Mirror polished blade and sharpened.  Two 3/32" pin holes for your handles.

Great collectable and handsome blade.


 Our "S" knives are well known as great hobby and professional blades.  You will not find others on E Bay selling them. Why, because these are made to our design and specifications.  There are other blanks on E Bay.  Failed companies like Schrade, Remington and Camillus you can find cleaned up leftovers and blem for sale on E Bay as well as junk steel Pakistan blades.  What's the difference?  High quality steel has a unique life of it's own.  It can take extremes in weather and not effect it's basic integrity. While blem, seconds and junk steel will break down and shatter with little use.  The "S" series knives will hold an edge.  We have sold thousands upon thousands of these blades and they are well known around the world.  Most of our business is to other business that make hybrid custom knives and our knives have proven to be a great reseller as well as popular with the hobbiest. 

Combined Shipping and Handling Policy *We ship items same day or next business day depending on the time of day your payment is received.   We ship orders via USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail with tracking for domestic shipments.  The shipping price is combined base on the highest cost to ship the first item and a MAXIMUM additional charge of $2.00 for each knife or item of comparable size or weight.  Lighter items will be less.  You may accumulate orders to save on s/h for 7 calendar days but all orders must be closed by the 7th calendar day from the date of your first purchase.  Shipping and handling fees cover not only postage but labor, fees and overhead so please don't compare it to the shipping quoted by the post office.  We don't make money on shipping.  Our focus is speed.   Orders may only be combined before payment is made.  Payment triggers shipping and we handle too much volume to catch and combine orders before they ship.  Please wait to make one single payment when ready to check out. The eBay system automatically combines shipping at a higher rate than we do manually, so expect us to send you a revised invoice on multiple items.  Your satisfaction is our goal.  Normal delivery is 2-5 business days US.   If you don't receive your order within this time, please contact us so we can resolve any issues quickly.  We can't individually track each package, so you will have to let us know if you don't get your order.   If you view the details of your order the tracking information is provided.  We do occassionally have a package that is lost.  We will replace lost orders sent to the US or Canada.  WE DON'T SHIP TO ALL COUNTRIES.  PLEASE CHECK PRIOR TO ORDERING IF YOU ARE AN INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER. We don't ship to Italy.   Questions or wholesale information call: 828 389 2575

Knife Questions: 828 - 389 - 2575

We don't sell junk steel from Pakistan* and China or factory blem.  "Junk Steel" Is an industry name for mixed or poor quality steel.  Both Pakistan and China are major producers of junk steel, poor or substandard steel.  We purchace 440c stainless steel which is the highest quality steel available at the best price available for the knife industry.  We have our blanks then milled and fabricated in China with the highest quality steel for professional re sellers and hobbiests at a great price!  The final finish and production is in the US market.

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